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Hello S Gaugers,

 It's the start of a new year. We have had a very blessed beginning so far with a couple of spectacular train shows in October and November and then a wonderful Christmas party and dinner in December.  I so hope that everyone had a great holiday season with Christmas and New Years, and 2014 was brought in safe and sound. Although there was a small mishap in the way of a little fire under Al and Jean's Christmas tree by the excited little guy playing with his trains and turning his back for just a minute as we have all done. Thank goodness no damage was done and they acted quickly to avert a disaster.

 I am looking at 2014 as being a great year for the Golden Spike American Flyer Train Club. We have a couple of shows coming up, one rather quickly. The Opher -Tintic & Western Show that is at Thanksgiving Point. This is a great show with a ton of kids, and wall to wall people, vendors, layouts. If you haven't seen or been to this show before it's a must go at least once, and once again we have been asked to fill a special need and be placed center stage. Main floor, attached to the stage so we protect the little one's from trips and spills off the stage. So Eddie we need you bright ideas once again, and bring the smiles and laughter too. Everyone this is a smaller layout but a fun one for sure so please come run some trains.

 Our next show will be in Ogden at the Union Station. The Hostlers Model Railroad Festival. I don't have any details as of now but will get them out as soon as I hear anything. Once again this is another great show to attend, and the size of our layout depends on where they can put us as we need to rotate around in the different spaces to make fair for all the clubs.

 Once again I hope all had a great Christmas and New Years and will be looking forward to seeing what Santa brought you and put under your tree or stuffed in your stocking. "I got coal" not really Santa was very good to me, besides coal works in my trains as well.

 Jim Buckley


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