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  1. The GSAF Club will consist of the following officers:

1. President

2. Vice-President

3. Secretary/Treasurer

  1. Additional club positions which shall be appointed or filled with volunteers.

1.       Liason Officer

2.       Communications Office

3. Chief Technician

  1. Nominations and Elections will be held in the month of September.
  2. Officer terms are for 2 years, but changes can occur as the situation dictates.
  3. Officer terms begin immediately upon selection.
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  1. President

1.       Presides over Officers meetings.

2.       Presides over club meetings.

3.       At the discretion of the President, responsibilities may be delegated as needed.

4.       The President cannot over-ride or veto any decisions made by a majority vote of the club members, but can vote to break a tie.

5.       The President is authorized to spend up to $100 of club funds unless an emergency arises.

  1. Vice-President

1.       Assists the President.

2.       Represents the Club when the President is unable to do so.

3.       Presides over club meetings when the President is absent.

4.       Coordinates all shows that the club is involved in utilizing club members, coordinating with the appointed Yardmaster.

  1. Secretary/Treasurer

1.       Receives deposits and takes responsibility for all monies collected.

2.       Keeps club checking account up to date.

3.       Provides a Quarterly financial report for Officers meeting.

4.       Coordinates with the Communications Superintendent on Club Newsletter.

5.    Insures that all checks written have two officer signatures.

  1. Liason Officer

1.       Coordinates with the President monthly on the Club Newsletter and sends newsletter via mail, e-mail, etc.

2.       Helps with preparing announcements for upcoming events, meetings, etc.

3.       Helps the Club Secretary keep the Club roster updated at least twice a year.

4.       Keeps Club and Officer meeting minutes.

5.       Keeps a historical scrapbook of events, meetings, newsletters, etc.


A.      All meetings will be held the 3rd Friday of the month unless otherwise notified. The formal Club Meeting will start at 7:00 PM and will end at 9:00 PM. Earlier attendance at 6:30 PM is encouraged to see/run/buy/sell/trade train items with the host's permission.

B.      Meetings will be held from September to April and a summer party in September.

C.      The annual Christmas party will be held the 1st Friday or Saturday of December.

D.      Meetings will be held at different member homes throughout the year or wherever the President decides is appropriate. 


  1. Membership dues are to be paid between August and November of each year. The dues are $12.00 per person or $20.00 per family.
  2. Dues for each new member are $12.00 plus $5.00 initiation fee. Dues will be prorated after December at $1.50 a month.
  3. Members who do not pay their dues by the end of November will be considered inactive.


  1. The Club will vote on which shows they will support each year. This vote must be in the majority of the members in attendance at the Club meeting when the invitation is presented. Club members are welcome to attend other shows as they please but may not represent the Club as a whole.
  2. Every effort must be made to be ready at show-time with all modules operating and trains running. Members track, switches, and pins should be clean and ready before the show begins.
  3. Members should make their individual modules as interesting as possible with approved scenery. Members should be prepared to answer questions the show crowds might have.
  4. Members need to schedule themselves to be at their modules as much as possible during show hours to operate their layout and trains.
  5. Members who do not have modules at a particular show are encouraged to help with set-up, tear down, monitoring the nodules, and running trains.


  1. 2 mainline tracks will run straight through all modules. Mainline tracks must use rubber roadbed.
  2. No extensions from mainlines without approval from Yardmaster.
  3. Use operating accessories and American Flyer or S-gauge compatible type scenery only. (Plasticville, Lionel, Marx, K-Line, or anything that looks appropriate in scale and style.)
  4. Scenery is to stay in tune with show theme if one is selected.
  5. Load trains in club yard or from personal module.
  6. Clean up after eating during show hours. No food or drinks should be left on modules.
  7. No stacking of boxes on tables during show hours. Boxes should be stowed beneath modules. Save tables for train repairs, etc.
  8. Follow timetable (if used) for operating trains.
  9. Coordinate all track incursions (bringing trains onto the mainlines) with approval of the operating engineer.
  10. No bare wood. Each module must be covered with astro-turf or decorated in a natural type of scenery. The module backboard should be painted club color or covered with some type of scenery or backdrop. No bare wood, please.
  11. Backdrops or backboards must be in place before show starts. The only exceptions are the yard modules.
  12. Modules need to have approval of Yardmaster or a Club Officer prior to set-up and built according to Club specifications (36" wide x 70" long x 36" high).
  13. Members are responsible for their own modules. The Club will provide the table skirting and, where necessary, the plastic retaining walls for corner modules and yard modules.


  1. Attend 3 club meetings before applying for membership to ensure mutual interest.
  2. Fill out Club application and member profile (his/her interests, etc.).
  3. Must be nominated/recommended by two GSAF Club members.
  4. Participate in at least 1 train show.
  5. Abide by the by-laws of the GSAF Club.
  6. $12.00 annual Club dues with $5.00 initiation fee (see 4.B above).